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Could a Rinko Headset be the answer to my S&S Coupler Problems?

One of the few problems that I am having with the S&S couplers on my bike has to do with packing. The way my bike fits in its case, the freewheel rubs up against the downtube. Even with the padding, … Continue reading

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Living with S&S Couplers — a Love Story

For years I have dreamed of getting S&S Couplers put on my bike. S&S Couplers are stainless steel connectors that allow a full size bicycle to be disassembled and packed in a single airline legal suitcase.  I am probably not … Continue reading

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S&S Couplers — First Flight

I am a business traveler and I log between 60,000 and 100,000 miles every year by air. This Spring I had S&S couplers put on my bike so I could take it with me as checked luggage and avoid paying … Continue reading

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S&S Couplers — Day One

In February, I sent my bike off to get S&S couplers installed  so I could put it into an airline legal suitcase and take it with me when I travel.The bike arrived from Bilenky Cycle Works this week while I … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends ride cross bikes …

I have been a cyclist for a long time. In fact I was serious about cycling even in my teens. Now that I am in my fifties, that is a lot of experience. About two years ago, an old friend … Continue reading

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “the only constant in life is change”. I have been riding bikes in racing shoes since the summer of 1977. It was summer and I was preparing to ride RAGBRAI a week-long ride across Iowa. … Continue reading

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Just like new!

There is something about new handlebar tape that makes a whole bike seem new. I just got through putting some new white Fizik tape on my road bike. I finished it off with some red electrical tape to match the … Continue reading

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The (bike) Dashboard and the Bell

I currently have three bikes, a road bike, a fixed gear and a mountain bike. My two primary bikes, the road and fixed gear are both configured with nearly identical dashboards. I just got my road bike fork back from … Continue reading

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