Salt Lake City — The Jordan River Trail

Flat on the Jordan River Trail

Flat on the Jordan River Trail

Back in Salt Lake City this week and I decided to ride the Jordan River Trail again. Last time I was here the temperature was hovering just over 100 degrees. Monday and Tuesday the temperature was in the high 80′s so I didn’t bother to bring a jacket or long-sleeved jersey.

Well, that was my first mistake. The temperature on the trail was in the mid 60′s and since I rode after work as the sun set, the temperature continued to drop. I felt pretty good and rode about 14 miles. There was a light wind and several people were out riding and walking. Unfortunately at about mile 14, my bike started handling funny. I wasn’t sure what was going on but pretty soon I realized that I had a flat front tire.

I pulled over at one of the many overlooks to change the inner tube. It really was a beautiful spot and while I was working on the tire, several ducks and a flight of geese landed. Turns out that I picked up a thorn in my front tire. Once I got the tube changed, I sprinted back to the car to warm up. Even though I was cold and got a flat, it was better than not riding.

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