First Ride of the Season

Jordan River Trail

Jordan River Trail

It has been a long cold winter in Iowa. Unfortunately, all winter my travels have taken me to places even colder than Iowa. Montreal, Calgary, New York, and New Hampshire — if it’s cold I got sent there. Not once, did I get sent to Arizona, Florida or even California. So when I got sent to Salt Lake City this week, I anxiously packed my bike and got ready to go.

The weather had been sketchy all day, gray skies and high winds. The forecast called for rain turning to snow and cold for the evening. Even so, after work, I inflated my tires and got on the bike. This week, I am staying in a hotel about a block away from the Jordan River Trail. The ride was windy and cold but it felt great. My goal was to get in about 12-14 miles, but about 2.5 miles into the ride it looked like the sky was going to open up. I turned around and hustled it back to the hotel. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, the first drops of rain fell. In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen — I call that winning!

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