Lake Elkhorn, Columbia MD

Lake Elkhorn

Lake Elkhorn

I’ve been in Columbia, Maryland with my bike before. In the past I’ve driven to Annapolis and ridden the Annapolis Trail. I’ve also used it as a jumping off point for evening rides among the monuments on the National Mall or to ride in the DC area. This time, I only had one evening where the weather and my schedule cooperated to allow me to ride. I wasn’t looking for an expedition — I just wanted to get out on the bike. So, when I went to inflate my tires at Race Pace Cycles, I asked the guys there where to ride. They told me that the Columbia area has an extensive system of paths and one could you could easily ride 10-20 miles without a single at grade road crossing.

Evening Ride

Evening Ride

I bought a map of the trail system and the mechanic who inflated my tires helped me orient myself. It turns out there was a trailhead only half a mile from my hotel and it was accessible without having to ride on any busy roads. That evening after work, I got on the bike and set off to explore. The section of trail nearest my hotel was by a Lake Elkhorn, a small lake surrounded by woods and residential neighborhoods.  Access to the trail was from a development of townhomes on a hill overlooking the lake. The path from the townhomes down to the lake was very steep with an abrupt turn at the bottom where it joined the trail.

There was a little bit of water on the trail but otherwise it was in good shape. I got a late start and it was beginning to get dark but there were plenty of people walking or riding bikes on the trail. I only had time for a quick spin around the lake before I decided to head back. I have a regular customer in Columbia and I am looking forward to exploring more of the trail system when I come back.

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